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Man-Down Alarm System - from $1500

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Part Number: MDDS
The Man-Down Alarm System utilizes the Antx DiaLog Scout to monitor inputs, evaluate conditions, activate a horn and perform alarm notification via landline phone. Inputs monitored include dry contacts, a input from the wireless Remote Alarm Switch, and a reset button on the Scout and an On/Off-Site switch on the Scout.

There are 2 major modes of operation:

  • Off-site – no one is located at the site (defined by an input from another system or turning the On/Off-Site switch to On-Site position on the Scout)
  • On-site – a person is present on the site (defined by an input from another system or turning the On/Off-site switch to Off-Site position on the Scout)

The Man-Down System is enclosed in an environmental NEMA 4X enclsoure. All setup is performed through the front-panel keypad and display. Most settings can be remotely changed by calling into the system.
The Man-Down Alarm System is battery backed up and will perform alarm calls duing power outages in the on- and off-site modes.

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