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DiaLog Scout PLC

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Your Cost: $1,380.00
Part Number: SPLC
The SPLC12/24 monitors and/or writes to 12/24 Modbus registers in a PLC or other Modbus device in addition to primary and battery power.

The SPLC is an ideal device for alarm notification from PLC, a simple local user-interface for the PLC register values and a remote access device allowing modification of coils and holding registers in the PLC.

  • Communicates via Modbus RTU protocol
  • Reads and writes coils and holding registers.
  • Provides alarm notification on:
    • change of digital (coil) state
    • analog value (holding) reaching a low and/or high setpoint
    • loss of primary power to the SPLC - automatically switches to internal backup battery
    • backup battery voltage is low
    • loss of communication with any of the PLC or Modbus device registers
  • Provides simple to use interface to view all monitored registers in the PLC or Modbus device.
  • RS-232 interface for communication to a single Modbus Slave device
  • Add RS-232 to RS-485 converter to communicate to multiple Modbus Slaves devices.
  • Coils and Holding registers can be modified by remote call in, allowing a user to modify their control capabilites in the PLC or Modbus device.
  • Calls up to 8 phones/pagers when an alarm occurs.
  • Can be programmed locally or remotely via a phone call into the unit.
  • Includes UL power supply, backup battery, phone cord and manual.
  • SPLC is panel or flush mountable, making it easy to integrate into a control panel.
  • NEMA4X optional for outdoor or corrosive environments.

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